Opening hours and Entrance Fees

Opening hours

Saterday from: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday from : 01.00 AM – 17.00 PM
and by appointment 031 33 465 1617

The National Gallery is closed on Dutch national holidays.


From July 25 till August 19 Gallery is closed

Entrance Fees

The admission price for the National Gallery is:
€ 6,- for adults
€ 2,- for chlldren between 12 and 18 years old.

The National Gallery Color House is located in Color House. It is a modern, detached building in the Beekdal park in Amersfoort. It is known for her unique architectural design and many colours. The Building is one of the art works by artist Juane Xue. It is exuberant and enjoyable to stay in the beautiful colorful world of Juane.
This combination of National Gallery  and Color House attracts many visitors from all over the world.



National gallery Color House considers accessibility to all visitors important and is therefore easily accessible for wheelchairs, rollators, strollers. There is a disabled toilet.